Golf Courses & Parks

Save Money with Superior Water

The new Ecoflow™ is an inline catalytic water conditioner that can help golf courses and sports parks. It is neither a "water softener" nor a "water filter". It can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The Ecoflow Catalytic Water Conditioner is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems.

Golf Courses use Ecoflow™ water Conditioners
The Ecoflow is a revolutionary new product offering no-salt, maintenance-free water conditioning for golf courses. The Ecoflow can deliver superior water to your golf course fairways and greens - saving money and improving your golf course. Golf Course Case Study
The growth of the golf course Industry in the last four decades has increase to the sum of over a billion dollars in revenues and has generated many new markets around the sport. However, as we go forward, the industry’s landscapes, continues to rapidly change. Example, on and off drought conditions and salinity issues confront almost all golf courses. Golf course supervisors have the daunting task of trying to conserve water while buffering and reducing salinity levels on an ever tightening operating budgets.


Test Results

Site Review and Audit: Los Alamos Sports Park
(Summary Below)
Date: 4/19/2012 - 8/1/2012 Project Owner: EcoFlow: Earl Coleman Manager:
City of Murrieta Parks Department, Bob Kast
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Sports Parks benefit with Ecoflow™ water Conditioners
The highly successful Ecoflow Catalytic Water Conditioner has met the challenges facing golf courses with poor soil and water quality by providing a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution.
Ecoflow one time purchase provides maintenance, no chemical, no electrical, easy to install eco-friendly water conditioning for your golf course, you’ll see increase percolation, existing scale on sprinkler heads and equipment reduce and new scale prevented.

Ponds and lagoons will see will see algae better controlled and water clarity increased without the use of copper sulfate or other chemical treatments. By eliminating standing water and reducing water run-off, the Ecoflow water conditioner will conserve water and lower pumping cost.