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Solar Water Heating Systems


Solar Water Heating Systems

Protecting Your Solar Water Heating System

From Lime/Scale and Corrosion without using Chemicals, Added Maintenance or Additional Energy Cost

The Solar Water Heating Industry number one enemy is lime/scale buildup in the lines of the solar panels and related equipment. This accounts for 80% of service calls for repairs and service on solar water heating equipment. A well enforced preventative maintenance program will help to ensure a more trouble-free operation of this type of equipment.

Such a program will pay for itself over and over again by reducing costs, downtime and increasing efficiency and save money. The majority of service calls on Solar Water Heating are water related and can most often be prevented with a properly sized and installed Ecoflow® Water Conditioner.

Minerals in water are naturally in solution; however, when water temperatures change they precipitate in the form of a hard, brittle scale that collects in the piping end on heat-transfer surfaces.

The insulating scale build-up reduces the efficiency of equipment, increases energy requirements and requires downtime for additional maintenance. Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum heat-transfer coefficients, enabling the maximum utilization of Solar Water Heating Equipment.

The Ecoflow® Water Conditioning System is designed to prevent lime/scale and can be a solution to these problems. When installed in-line, this unique piece of equipment will cause minerals to remain in suspension after breaking down the binders that hold hard water cluster together and adding a piezoelectric charge to each molecule. This takes place throughout the heat transfer process. Instead of bonding together and forming scale they will flow through or settle at the low points of a system to be purged out.

When using the Ecoflow® Water Conditioning System on solar heated swimming pools will not only keep your system running efficiently and reduce lime/scale buildup, but also reduce chlorine use 20 to 30%.

The chart shows how scale buildup can be very costly in increased energy cost.

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Solar Water Heating Systems

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